Strategy Session

you've got an idea!

Perfect for: Pitching, Project Consultation, Story Coaching

Unlock the full potential of your ideas with a 75-minute Zoom session offering pitching, project consultation, story coaching, personalized generative prompts, and career development guidance in various writing fields, from crafting compelling pitches to adapting memoirs for the screen and transitioning into creative writing.

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Project Development

you want to go deeper!

Perfect for: Longer Projects, Series, Ongoing Strategy, Accountability

Includes three 75-minute Zoom sessions, Golden Notes™, and a final review. Delve into longer projects, manuscripts, and ongoing strategies, while benefiting from editorial development for stand-alone essays, flash fiction, memoir chapters and more. Use the Project Development series for writing coaching, career development, and monthly accountability for up to 2,000 words to ensure your progress and success in the writing process.

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Last Look

you're ready to submit!

Perfect for: Feedback on a piece you want to submit to publications & editors

Before you hit that submit button, get the expert feedback you need with Last Look, offering Live Loom editorial notes on one essay, pitch, or three flash pieces, covering a range of written works such as essays, articles, newsletters, and even film/TV/magazine submissions, ensuring your work is polished and ready for publication.
Option to purchase a 10-pack for added convenience.

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You want Drama!

Perfect for: Developing existing material – memoir, article, historical and archival material, personal and family story – into a screenplay or TV series.

You have a true story you want to adapt into a screenplay or TV series, and you want to work with a screenwriter. I’ve worked as a story consultant and screenwriter for studios, production companies, and independent directors and producers on multiple feature film and TV pilot projects based on true stories, existing material, and archival research. 

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After 17 years together my partner and I are getting married. I shopped for dresses while my mom was in the hospital.

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personal essay

Featured in Insider

Michigan: A Divorce Story

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Literary essay

Longridge Review
Barnhill Prize Finalist


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Flash Nonfiction

Under the Gum Tree Feature