At the crossroads of celebration and tragedy, Maya's high school diploma is pending, and her father's exceptional downfall as a one-hit wonder breeds fear and desperation. A prodigy from his past returns and shows Maya the tricks of the DJ trade, but she needs her father to be healthy and invested so she can truly thrive out in the world.


‘Needle’ questions whether or not we can choose what we inherit from our parents - in Maya’s case, her father’s musical talent or his habit of losing and addiction. Maya doesn’t know she has a choice until an outsider comes to show her another way. Her struggle is between loyalty to her father and resilience to overcome what’s negative about his influence, and ultimately to prove she is her own hero.

The story explores father-daughter relationships, friends choosing different paths, and the dilemma of out-succeeding our parents and mentors. Maya’s process of gathering influences outside of her immediate world, as well as being resourceful and making use of whatever technology she has access to, should be an inspiration in creativity. These complex performances and conflicted characters elevate ‘Needle’ out of the expected teen musical genre, while still engaging the audience with a great original soundtrack and intense dance sequences.





Awards or Screenings:

2016 NWIFT/Meryl Streep's The Writers Lab, Semi-Finalist
2013 Harlem International Film Festival Finalist
2013 Oaxaca Film Festival Official Selection
2008 IFP Emerging Narrative Market