Be the protagonist of your own storytelling!

If self-doubt is louder than your creative voice & claiming a genre overwhelms your creative vision, let’s explore why it’s vital to write & share these stories now.

Untold stories take up space in our minds, while we figure out how best to tell them. Whether you want to unpack a mysterious chapter in your family history or examine a long-held memory of a life changing event, ask yourself… 

How can my unique voice set the process of storytelling in motion?

I've always been inspired by stories of pivotal moments and slices of life that illuminate the human condition. Often, these are stories that have lived with people for ages.

No matter what the story is, it needs to be told.

I’ve published prose and dramatic writing, commercial and literary writing, and I've worked extensively on narrative screenplay development for studios, directors, and production companies.

I will look at your project through the same wide lens of possibilities, and together, we will focus on an approach to writing that can work for you.

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The goal for my business proposal was to pull at the heart strings of investors. They see tons of sterile decks asking for support, and I wanted to put myself on paper, as if they were having a conversation with me. Michelle read an early draft in a Strategy Session and pointed out relevant details that could be expanded, as well as areas that needed research and data as back-up. She also considered how the text would work in a visual layout."

 - Ras Langford Johnson, Entrepreneur

"My proposal was much stronger after just one consultation with Michelle. 

Michelle not only became interested in the story, but was very passionate and personally invested in it. You could tell that she did thorough research before even having each meeting. She took incredible notes, jotted down a slew of great anecdotes, asked good questions. Michelle is always so detail oriented. She is meticulous about the sequence of events and how important each is to the story. I would highly recommend Michelle for any “based on a true story” projects. 

 - Grace Koo, Producer

"I immediately loved her personality... she was professional, enthusiastic, a great listener, and had a good sense of humor.

Whether it’s a personal essay in first or final draft, a pitch or book proposal, Michelle’s incisive questions and detailed comments guide and strengthen my work toward acceptance in literary magazines, newspapers, and book publication. Michelle helps me clarify my ideas and write the story in an artful way. She is not only an extraordinary writing coach but also a savvy marketer with her “ear to the ground” for publication opportunities. I highly recommend Michelle’s services.

- Carole Duff, Writer

"She is not only an extraordinary writing coach but also a savvy marketer

Besides looking at my artist statement, she helped me polish my writing sample by posing a simple question: What if you cut this down by one third, and made it into a love story? This gave me clarity as to where the heat was in my piece and made revising fun—as well as effective. I not only got into the workshops, but the essay was published soon after."

- Flávia Monteiro, Writer

"Michelle helped me fine tune applications for two writing workshops, and I got into both.

Among her numerous superlative attributes include her attention to detail, compelling understanding of narrative, and her infectious enthusiasm! She brought a unique and keen sense of story to our ‘true story’ film project. I highly recommend working with her."

- Christopher Brewster, TV & Film Producer

"Michelle Cutler is a remarkable talent, person, and asset.

Coaching Services

Strategy Session

you've got an idea!

Unlock the potential of your idea with a personalized 75-minute Zoom session and Golden Notes™.
Perfect for:
· Pitching a story, article, business proposal, or product
· Film/TV true story adaptation assessment
· Narrative coaching for screenwriters
· Personalized prompts for creative writing
· Project development consultation
· Pitch me! How can I help you?

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Project Development

you want to go deeper!

Series of 3 personalized 75-minute Zoom sessions with Golden Notes™.

Perfect for:
· Developing larger projects with various strategy phases
· Editorial development for longer essays and memoir chapters
· Ongoing coaching, career development, and accountability for writers of creative nonfiction and memoir.

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Last Look

you're ready to submit!

Before you hit the submit button, make sure your work is ready for publication. Get fast, expert feedback with Last Look:
Live Loom editorial notes & tracked comments on one essay, magazine pitch, workshop application, or newsletter. 

Option to purchase a 10-pack for added convenience.

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meet your writing coach

Hey, I'm Michelle.

I'm a narrative writer dedicated to storytelling in the creative nonfiction & memoir landscape. My background is in visual & performing arts - photography, film, and theater - which led to a career as a 'based on a true story' screenwriter.
I have a master’s degree in film from New York University and a diploma in Advanced Creative Writing Nonfiction from Cambridge University. After many years in entertainment and advertising, I’m also skilled in pitching, character development, dialogue, story structure, and world building.
I love helping people of all ages and backgrounds tell their stories, and I bring a passion for uncovering human truths to the collaboration. As your writing coach, I can help you identify a strong narrative arc from factual material and incorporate additional research to transform facts into a compelling, emotional story with impact.

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Are you looking for...

→ A tailored, actionable strategy to take your stories and projects to the next level.

→ An achievable approach to adapting a memoir or true story into dramatic forms for Film & TV.

→ A quick turn-around on feedback for article pitches, flash nonfiction, and personal essays. 

→ A longer-term development coach for large narrative and research-based projects. 

→ An experienced screenwriter who specializes in "based on true stories" and memoir adaptations.

→ A trusted listener and thoughtful interrogator to release buried or hidden stories to write.

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